The rooms

Above all, we’d like visitors to ground themselves again. To enjoy the mountains all around as much as we do, pick their own healthy fruit and veg, play pétanque, swim in the farm dam, enjoy an hour in the spa, eat a simple fresh dish at one of the restaurants, walk up the conical Babylonstoren hill, await sunset with a glass of wine in hand, and then slip in between sheets of crisp linen and drift away ... more or less.”

Caroline de Klee


Top Room - sleeps 4

£75 for 3 guests | £65 for 2 guests | £50 for 1 guest

Up at the top of the house and out the way, the top room is the perfect space for small groups to bunk down and cosy up for the night. Bring a hot water bottle, don't let Jack Frost bite!


Middle Room

£75 for 3 guests | £65 for 2 guests | £50 for 1 guest

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Back room

£75 for 3 guests | £65 for 2 guests | £50 for 1 guest

The back room is the perfect place to set up for your special day, settle in for the night, or simply relax with a book by the open fire.